Messi's World Cup: The Rise of a Legend


Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin


Nascondino [Hide & Seek] - Trailer

My Deadly Beautiful City

The arctic mining city of Norilsk is one of the most polluted in the world - but many residents are still proud to call it home.

For more information on the film and location, please read the article on the New York Times Op-Docs page

Directed and Produced by Victoria Fiore
Cinematography by Alfredo de Juan (
Asst Production/ Research by Elena Chernyshova, Bec Sanderson and Claire Bracegirdle
Edited by Florence Kennard and Victoria Fiore
Sound design by Tim Matthews
Additional sound by Antwerp
Colour Grading by Lewis Crossfield at Electric Theatre Collective
Graphics by Juan Albis
Commissioned by the New York Times Op-Docs: Kathleen Lingo, Lindsay Crouse and Jason Spingarn-Koff


The Last Dolphin King | Netflix (2022)



“Abu Nawas” es un acogedor café del centro de Londres. Popular punto de encuentro para los exiliados iraquíes donde comparten su anhelo de libertad y su deseo de dejar atrás su pasado en Baghdad. Varias formas de vida, tradicional y moderna, atea y musulmana, chocan entre sí dando lugar a una serie de acontecimientos que cambiarán por completo la vida de muchas personas.

Clementine Blue - Black Sea

Director / Producer : Victoria Fiore
Director of Photography : Alfredo de Juan
Editor : Clémentine Bartaud
AD : Aida Moyano
AC : Gabriel Videckis

Produced by Clementine Blue, Geoffrey Papin, Dan Breaden
Mixed by Geoffrey Papin
Mastered by Katie Tavini

Fire Games of Napoli

Each year, on the 17th January, teenagers in Naples come together to make a bonfire to mark San Antonio day. The celebration goes back hundreds of years but has recently become controversial as locals argue it schools young people in criminality.

The event, named “Cippo”, has been transformed into a war between kids and so called “babygangs” of different inner-city neighbourhoods who go to increasingly extreme lengths to steal trees to make the largest fire possible, a sign of their strength. They prepare for months, then stay up all night to guard their prized trees in secret locations. In this way, they are taught to protect their patch.

The event affects everyone in the city differently. VICE and Neapolitan director Victoria Fiore, follow a group of teens in the Spanish Quarters, a deprived neighbourhood of Naples and real-life setting of TV show Gomorra, Rosa, a proud mother, warned her son of the dangers, but now has to write to him in prison. Social worker, Eleonora, supports the Cippo as a means for the kids to express their creativity in a run down neighbourhood with few spaces for kids, and a way for kids to learn about hierarchy, loyalty and dedication.

But while the kids continue to turn the narrow streets of Naples into an arsonist's paradise, it's not easy to tell if Cippo is a tradition, a game, or an initiation.

The Spy Who Fell to Earth (Documentary, Netflix) 2019 - Trailer

The Outsider Trailer

Following its successful London premiere we are delighted to announce The Outsider will be playing at the prestigious Bertha DocHouse from 25 May 2018 followed by an iTunes 2 June 2018 release.

A legendary figure in the industry, could shipping magnate Nobu Su be the one to bring down the banking world? In a stranger than fiction tale that gives Oceans 11 a run for its money, brand new feature documentary The Outsider is a story of a man who didn't fit in, taking on one of the biggest corporations in the world.

Filled with financial rackets, conspiracy theories and a story of a multi-millionaire businessman and his mighty fall from grace, The Outsider, from Thomas Meadmore, award-winning editor (The Guv'nor) and director (How to Lose Jobs and Alienate Girlfriends), has its world premiere at the East End Film Festival, on 20 April 2018. This will be followed by a limited theatrical release as well as an iTunes and DVD release, full details to follow.