Alfredo de Juan DoP | The Outsider – Feature Doc
London-based Director of Photography
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The Outsider – Feature Doc

About This Project


Dir. Thomas Meadmore
Prod. Company : Sun Moon Productions

Shot on C300 Mk1 and Canon / Sigma lenses

Martin Cooper wrote “The Outsider is also a very good looking film. Framed, often exquisitely, it’s a masterclass in cityscape cinematography. You could watch some sections with the sound turned off and just marvel at what we humans can create with enough steel, glass and concrete.” Review written by Martin Cooper on

The Outsider is a feature length documentary which charts the extraordinary rise and fall of Taiwanese shipping magnate Nobu Su. The film examines his rise through the ranks of his family shipping business and build it into one of the largest shipping companies in the world. When the 2008 financial crash happened, Nobu lost everything, and in his case, everything meant several billion dollars. Since 2008 Nobu has been on a crusade to understand what went wrong and who was to blame; himself, the banks, his rival ship owners or the system? The Outsider provides a tantalising look at how the global shipping world operates, told from the point of view of the greatest maverick the shipping world has ever known.